The funny thing about challenges is that they are usually not very funny. I am speaking directly about the current challenge we are facing with our leadership doing not great things. Repeatedly. I quite openly speak in my book about being drugged and assaulted on a few occasions. I less openly speak about how many … Continue reading #keepgoing



Two simple letters, one huge impact.  I found it so hard to stand up for myself and say no for most of the things in my life. I was persuaded and bullied, I fell for the wrong guys and the wrong crowds. I was afraid to challenge anyone because of how that might be perceived … Continue reading No. 


Let's talk about disease. As in the state at which your body is not at its most healthy or balanced.  The week leading up to the publishing and release of my book I rushed myself to the hospital on not one, but two separate occasions under the impression that my appendix was about to burst … Continue reading Dis-ease