Marooned on the Maldives in my mind

Come to the Maldives with us!


The Real Thing

Pretty rad to have copies of THE book in my hot little hands. I'm about to swarm the local market and get the word out there as best I can. I know my baby will be enjoyed by whomever reads her because it is true, it is honest, it is adventurous and it even has … Continue reading The Real Thing

The One Life Movement ebook

I am so thankful to everyone who has sent words of encouragement and positivity my way in the last few years. I am proud and honored to be able to unleash my book- aka my written flesh and blood to anyone willing to read it. I have been inspired by all of the people I … Continue reading The One Life Movement ebook

Creating New Habits

It is so hard to start something new. Habits are no different. Once we get comfortable with the way something has been, it can be very hard to even open ourselves up to the possibility that some other way might be better. Once we do though, and we accept the fact that we may have … Continue reading Creating New Habits


A few months ago, I started on a bit of a healthy food kick. Mostly borne out of realizing I had been merely surviving for the majority of the previous year and eating a whole lot of pre-packaged crap. It was enough to sustain me through a period of great change but I realized it … Continue reading #saladwin

Making stock, taking stock 

I try not to wait for holidays now to take stock of all things I am grateful. I try to take 5 minutes out of every day, especially when my anxious inner voice begins to chirp in my ear-trying to distract me from my goal. It is as simple as thinking of reasons I have … Continue reading Making stock, taking stock 

Good food

  One thing I also have been doing lately is eating better. That does not mean I never eat out or don't take advantage of pre-packaged pre-made dinners, but it does mean I'm making a conscious effort to do that less, and am opting for fresher, home made meals like the fresh rolls in the … Continue reading Good food