Do the things we dream about

Are you someone who does things? Are you someone who dreams things? Are you someone who dreams of doing things? I've decided since I've always been a cheerleader of sorts, to take this to another level. So much of my writing is about overcoming, about learning who we are as a people, and about how … Continue reading Do the things we dream about


The funny thing about challenges is that they are usually not very funny. I am speaking directly about the current challenge we are facing with our leadership doing not great things. Repeatedly. I quite openly speak in my book about being drugged and assaulted on a few occasions. I less openly speak about how many … Continue reading #keepgoing

Lets Get Practical

I have been slowly chipping away at a second book, that basically picks up from where I left off with the first The One Life Movement (which is available HERE ). All of the ideas I briefly outline here will be touched on in greater depth in the sequel, so here is a little prequel... … Continue reading Lets Get Practical

Diving Deep

I haven't been writing very much lately, mostly because I have been more than knee deep in trying to coordinate and facilitate changes in my personal and professional life. I have been struggling just to keep up instead of feeling as though I am thriving. I have spent a fair amount of time trying to … Continue reading Diving Deep

Common Ground

We have more in common than we realize. When we embrace ourselves, we shall embrace others. Click on the title for full article.


Me, being apparently the eternal optimist (that sometimes falls in to a deep dark pit of anxiety and despair) is wondering what it would take to bring back faith, to bring back hope to people where it has largely been lost. Where it has widely been cast aside as some kind of ugly byproduct of … Continue reading Faith

New Press Release!

Hot Dang am I ever excited about this new Press Release! Yaaaaaassss! (I actually did a happy dance, no joke!) New edition to be released late May! My hope is that it reverberates with (at least) one person, and that it helps others to feel okay with their failures and their ebbs and flows with … Continue reading New Press Release!