Life, Death & Gratitude

Creating a life of gratitude sounds like the buzzwords du jour, however for good reason.

Understanding the trials and tribulations we face are there to help us become more knowing in who we are, more certain of our purpose and more compassionate to all other living beings.

Grief and loss are a part of life. We seem to have made them to be negative experiences within western culture and they do not need to be. Yes death and loss are hard, yes we likely will take years to find our way back to ourselves and joy again. It also serves to show us the beauty there is within the moments we are living and experiencing.

Death is widely feared and it does not need to be.

We are here, having a very human experience for a rather finite period of time.

It is in our interest to focus on how to enjoy the experience with the understanding that one day, we will be transitioning to the next chapter of consciousness.

Every living thing creates consciousness. We are consciousness, as are the stars, the birds, the trees and the elephants. Collectively we are God. Thoughts become things and the end of our human experience is not the end of everything. There is no end. Just as we never thought we would discover something as small as an atom or as big as a universe, there is infinitely more for us to explore, discover and understand. Larger and smaller still.

To create gratitude. Start the day by stating in the affirmative a few things you are grateful for-in the past, present and the future. When you have a good conversation or have a kind interaction-vocalize such. Complement people randomly, in a genuine way. Take a moment to appreciate the weather, to gaze out a window, to tell someone you care about them. Know that the bad times will not last. There is an ocean full of abundance heading your way. On the crappy days, recognize and be grateful for how they are propelling us forward to the better days (this is not always easy).

To experience some of life (the good and bad) and hear about parts of the world, try reading my first book The One Life Movement

Stay tuned for a 5 part series on Grief-the good, the bad and the ugly.

Simply by reading this you are already on the journey to greatness, to success and to enlightenment. By raising your awareness, vibration and intention-you are also raising that of the whole world. This is the confirmation you need to know you are on the right path. Keep going.

Be well xo


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