Purpose and Burnout

Like most people, I have found this last year to be incredibly difficult. I am a Director of Care and a Nurse. I am a published author, a yoga instructor, grief counsellor and a mom. I have travelled the world many times over, searched for myself, my home and my purpose. I have experienced several traumas and have lived to tell the tale. And I still found the year hard.

I have experienced burnout as an administrator, clinician and human. I understand how all consuming and totally destroying it feels. I had to accept defeat and redefine what I thought happiness was, what my career was, and who I was. I felt as though I could do nothing right, the little things felt all consuming and overwhelming. I had trouble sleeping and concentrating. I lost my appetite and would cry at almost anything. Every comment made felt like a personal attack and I actually questioned my profession, my talents, my abilities and my future.

Here’s a link to a podcast all about burnout-Click me!

Burnout in my experience is actually life pushing us to re-evaluate our needs and our purpose. It gives us the opportunity to reflect on what was not working for us, and helps us learn the importance of boundaries and self worth.

Burnout is a call to rest, to recharge and to refocus our efforts on what our true purpose may be.

It challenges us to learn who our authentic self is instead of becoming our jobs or the version of ourselves we think others want us to be. Burnout is true empowerment-to rest, to heal & realign.

I currently manage a team, and have done so throughout the pandemic. The most important ideas I try to instill (however may fail terribly at) to be kind to oneself and to our coworkers, to reframe any situation with an angle of compassion as most of us are pretty burnt out after a year of perpetual change, unrest, high alert and constant reshuffling. Understanding that when we get angry at others, it is likely a misdirected attempt to offload frustration at other things happening in our lives. (And when we are on the receiving end of frustration, it may also be a reflection of where they are at).

I have the absolute desire to create a healthier society for my child and their generation, to learn and share how to manage old habits and lead with love. To teach self awareness, self worth, empowerment and the strength that comes from being united in love and in consciousness. Overcoming burnout has taught me the importance of this.

For those struggling to find their purpose, I want them to know they are not alone. Most humans are lost, even those that appear to have it all together. After a year that really highlighted disconnection and loneliness I have no doubt the self isolation has caused pause for contemplation. The fact that they are to the point where they recognize they have no clarity on purpose is the sure sign they are on the right path. Start making lists of everything that makes your heart sing, everything that makes you feel alive and full of love. Make a list of everything you are grateful for happening in the future as though it has already occurred. Start exercising things you would like to see happen in your life. Understand that we all already have the ability to succeed beyond our wildest dreams, despite our negative self talk. Flip the narrative every time a derailing thought pops up. Replace “that will never happen” with I am so grateful I am a successful x”. Give yourself time to grieve. Burnout is the body’s manifestation of grief-we lose who we thought we were, who we thought we needed to be, who we felt we had to be.

Know how loved you are.

Know how capable you are.

Know how destined for greatness you are.

Do the best you can, with what you have, where you are.

If you are currently rocking in the fetal position-know that I and many others have also been here. Take the time to rest and grieve, to cry and to focus on finding the outlet that serves you the most. Sleep, walk, bake, watch movies-watch programs about topics that interest you, read books that make your mind happy.

Top tip for self happiness:

We complete ourselves

We are enough exactly as we are

We are not lacking in any way

We are infinitely loved, connected and accepted however we are showing up on any given day.

To prevent or counter burnout:

Take micro breaks. Every time things feel overwhelming, remind yourself you can only do what you can do. Your energy and your time are more important than the task we are trying to complete at any given time. Your expectations of yourself can sometimes grow to become way bigger than what is possible.

Focus on your goals, your dreams, your passions and finding your purpose. Understand that our purpose is a river throughout our lives, it ebbs, flows and changes.

Breathing exercises-check in with your body and your power.

Understand no one has dominion over you.

Walk, swim, be in trees, do yoga, watch a funny movie, put on your favorite music, wear something that makes you feel like a god/goddess. Write down what your ultimate life looks like and get very specific. What kind of house, how big, what kind of appliances, what view, what cars, what neighborhood/country/climate. Do you want to travel? Where to? For how long? What kind of people do you want to meet? If you had all the time in the world, what would you spend your time doing?

Simply by reading this, you are already on your way to creating a better future for yourself, and everyone else around you. This is the confirmation you need to know with absolute certainty you are on the right path.

Read the book The One Life Movement it might give you a good idea of things and stuff.

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Be well xo


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