YogaWilder gets wild

Hi hi, and welcome to the weekend. I have been diligently working away at the ole yoga teacher training and have been experimenting with other yoga videos until I find a way to put together a flow that works for me.

YogaWilder on Youtube

Click the link above to watch me awkwardly fumble through a beautifully taught class.Extra points if you can tell me how many times the dog thoroughly cleans out between my toes mid-pose.

The original video link is here and she is fabulous 30 minute energizing Vinyasa flow with Briony Smythe by alo studio. My humble gratitude for how amazing and calm she is during this video.

I’m not the most bendy/flexy well stretched version of myself that I would like to be… yet. One day at a time peeps. If you feel like you struggle with Yoga, then YogaWilder is just for you. We will definitely be supportive, encouraging and growth minded. Vinyasa flow and Restorative classes will be held. If you are in the Victoria area and are interested in partaking in any of the community free classes I will be holding in the future, please be encouraged to get in touch.

Once I establish my own rhythm, I shall post my own instructional yoga videos, and in the meantime I shall continue to stumble through others to find meeeee.

All my love. Namaste xo

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