Yoga Life

I have decided to embark on a new journey of self discovery in becoming a yoga instructor.

I have chosen to follow the path to becoming a yoga instructor for many reasons. My motives are infinite really. I want to focus inward so that I may reflect a better being inwards and outwards. I have been surrounding myself with sickness and dis-ease for years in my chosen careers, knowing the entire time that I am a healer. I have been struggling with ways of figuring out how to focus on healing myself instead of only focusing on healing others.

I understand I must strengthen myself first-and in so doing, will help heal others in this very way. My largest goal is to pass forward what I have learned and become- to my son, my partner, and those around me. I would like to help to create a future full of peace, love, understanding, kindness, acceptance and calm. Yoga is a great way to focus on alignment of breath, movement and thought, to get more deeply in touch with all three (and more) components of wellness. I feel becoming a teacher will help to strengthen my own practice, and assist others to either begin or continue to strengthen their own.

Healing is a huge theme in my life and I look forward to building confidence and skill through this program. I am focusing on Vinyasa yoga as I enjoy connecting ideas, poses and breath, a harmonizing of sorts-in a way that is also very mind/body/soul engaging. I look forward to engaging with a stronger emotional and physical core, and teaching others the same.

Please feel free to check out my YouTube channel The One Life Movement and follow along as I learn, strengthen, refine and hone my skills as a yogi. I am very excited to share with you all my journey 🙂

Be well,

Find me on Instagram @kimberhosen

YogaWilder on YouTube


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