New Adventures

As I entered the cockpit, one foot at a time, I remembered what my flight instructor had told me as he prattled off instructions and reminders.

“Don’t touch anything” was my biggest test apparently.

I am definitely not a pilot, yet. I have not had the myriad of hours nor the ground training to support a set of golden spindled wings on my lapel. I have not fought in ‘Nam, I am not a prolific reader of meteorology-yet.  These are all very attainable and fortuitous goals that I have set for myself and I do intend at one point or another to continue to chisel away at them.

At present, my instructor has himself mounted into the well appointed tan leather cockpit- and is astounded that I have not yet begun to play with the buttons or fiddle with the seatbelt. He informs me 99% of his students fail this most basic test. I feel such winning as I am able to keep my excitement for the skies in check enough to follow a basic command. He also informs me I have chosen more appropriate footwear than most ladies-I did confess I had almost left the house in heels, but chose on a lovely black leather Ralph Lauren loafer instead (they go well with the vegan leather, tight as heck pants anyways).

We have done the pre-flight inspection. I mounted the side rails of the Cessna to check the petrol, which was a beautiful sparkling aquamarine. We have inspected the landing gear, the seat height, the dials, the engines, the everything. This man is well thorough and well experienced (comforting to be sure). We watch as planes take off from all sides and he compels me to understand how multidimensional flying truly is. I am completely captivated and filled with trepidation to get the propeller moving.

My heart pounds as the engine roars to life, dials lit, pedals and steering column engage. Trim is set just so, and we are off, taxiing swiftly down the runway. We are to keep a constant communication with the control tower, as well as engaged with the airspace on every side of us. We luck out in that the jumbo jet in the rear view has graced us with priority and we quickly whisk ourselves down the airstrip. The sky is clear and the most pleasant deep blue one could ask for. Within seemingly seconds, our wings have propelled us off the ground and the sheer will of physics has us gliding gracefully above the earth, like an eagle in flight.

I shall continue the story… Stay with me for the next installment to hear how it goes.

Read about my travels and adventures The One Life Movement book and stay tuned for another worldwide adventure.

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Love each other xo


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