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One thing that can be said unequivocally about the southern coast of France is that its beauty is only matched by its decadence. Every experience had in the region continues to top the last. From gorgeous seascapes to deliciously prepared fresh meals, it is truly an experience to enjoy and indulge in.

From the moment we step in to our private jet, we know we are in for one of the most comfortable, smooth rides of our lives. Everything has been taken care of, our every desire and preference has been taken care of and we feel absolutely attended to. No hurried lines with other stressed travelers elbowing to the front of the line, no kung-fu moves at baggage collection and no worrying the food will give us questionable outcomes. We know everything has been prepared, and handled with the white glove approach. We are in luxury, from start to finish. The crew are impeccable and easy to approach, they clearly desire to serve every single person with great respect. This shows in every little touch and tailored nuance, every kind word, every professional gesture.

The moment the plane touches down, we are all well looked after. The door opens and our well-dressed cabin is filled with the gentlest warm breeze that hugs us like cashmere blankets. We have arrived in Monaco and have an entire week of festivities ahead of us. The Formula 1 race shall commence in mere hours and we are excited to get settled and unpack the stress and commitments of the past. Before we even know it, we have been whisked away to board a very well-appointed yacht just off the shore. The coastline is pristine, the colors of the Mediterranean have never once disappointed, as though they were sent direct from the heavens specifically for our enjoyment. Shades of crystalline blue waters delicately hug the rugged shoreline, as if to comfort the lush greenery adorning every crag and rock face.

There is no other place in the world like Monaco, where the city buzz mixes with coastal grace, a certain melange of opulence and fortitude very few destinations are able to mirror. The energy is strong, everyone has come to this exact time and place to revel in the sight of some of the fastest machines and handlers on land. We feel completely relaxed as we wander around the thrice storied yacht that will be our home and viewing point for the majority of our time here. The warm Mediterranean breeze keeps things as comfortable as one could imagine as we enjoy the sights and sounds surrounding us. We enjoy an unobstructed view of the tunnel and highly anticipate experiencing every pass of the roaring jet engines on the Formula 1 cars.

Excitement and adventure await us, my darling. Hold on tight, things are about to get very good.

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Plan, dream, explore and expand lives xo


Photo courtesy Tourdelust via Pinterest


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