Getaway-Beautiful Bali

I have declared Bali to be in my (very long) list of places I will be sure to experience in my somewhere future. I have had it on my list for some time, mostly lured to the gorgeous beaches and laid back atmosphere. I had planned on going there when I lived in Australia, but life apparently had other plans. I may have postponed, but I have not forgotten.

I have heard Nusa Penida might be a good choice as it is not yet overrun with tourists, still has a fair bit of local flare and is a little more chilled than I hear Kuta has become. I, having not been to Kuta, am not able to give the opinion quite as of yet, but I will update you as I go. I look forward very much to experiencing the cuisine, the heat, the beaches and diving in to that hella warm water. Perhaps this will be the place I learn to scuba dive? Anything is possible.

I am looking forward to adventure, to flying the heavenly skies and to meeting all kinds of people again. Life is too short to be creating a smaller mindset. There is so much to do, see and explore. Let us learn new languages, try new foods, hear new music. Let us not be afraid to step outside of our living rooms and escape the stream of bad news that we are fed-and instead go out there and create a better future for ourselves, our loved ones, our futures.

Come with me to Indonesia, come with me wherever I end up going. I guarantee you it will be an experience to remember xo

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