Lagos, Portugal

Ok, if you can get yourself to the Algarve, aka Southern Portugal any time between spring and late fall, you are in for a serious treat. The beaches along this coastline are world renowned, and I completely understand why.

The water is incredibly blue and clear, the sand a beautifully hot sable, the air fresh and warm against the skin. The locals are incredibly accommodating and hospitable, the food fresh and delicious, the culture laid back and warm in heart. I spent weeks when I had only planned spending days lapping up the beauty of these shores. I was attracted and pulled towards the beauty of the beaches in ways I absolutely never expected. My crew and I were so blessed to meet with some incredible locals that led us to untouched coves to enjoy and indulge our senses completely in.

Accommodation to fit all budgets, experiences to enrich any humans existence. Something for the to do list that will not be regretted.

Find love, spirit, soul, grace and relaxation once more.

Read about my experience in Europe and how it changed me- here: The One Life Movement Book



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