Cayo Coco

Cuba is one of those magical destinations that captures imaginations well after visiting it. I had the experience to live there for a time, and let me tell you it was very interesting.

Cayo Coco has some incredibly beautiful beaches, complete with the whitest sands and the balmiest breezes. It is full of resorts for any budget, and the people are some of the friendliest in the world.

Let the warm water lap up against your weary soul and you shall feel your worries melt away, much as they did with me. When I was lost in it’s tranquility I was coming off a months long excursion living provencale with the locals. Equal parts mesmerizing and trialling for my youthful arrogance. It taught me so many valuable things, including how important it is to understand the role ego plays in our lives.

Go, immerse your body in it’s immensely clear waters. Put your head deep under the water to feel alive again. You will not regret it. When you have returned, let me know your experience and the people you have met. I shall plan my return so I may give thanks to the people that once opened their homes and hearts to a complete stray.

Read about my time all over the planet. Get lost in my life that was adrift.

The One Life Movement Book

And go, get lost in the world and find a whole bunch of whatever is missing. xo


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