I don’t mean the bedroom kind. Although I guess everything is relative. What I’m really interested in is figuring out what we are passionate about in our every day lives and our dream lives. Why is it we spend so much time on the “shoulds” instead of on the things that make our whole bodies feel charged like fresh batteries in a lightning storm?

Perhaps it is that we don’t really know what our passions are? I sure didn’t. I never thought I would really be good enough at anything, so why even try? I was riddled with guilt for not focusing 1000000% on the things I should be doing, the accomplishments and accolades that I felt were expected of me that I kind of laid waste to my actual self.

So here, my friends is to another new beginning of beginnings. All the gods know just how many times I have tried to start over again and again. There is no failure, there is only new beginnings.

May we be encouraged to seek out the things that electrify us, the things that make us proud (not others), for accomplishing the things we most want to do, and not just because we have to.

Let us travel, let us laugh, let us make friends and learn new things. Lots of exciting things on the horizon. Keep going.



Published by Kimberhosen

Lover. Public figure. Author, mother, nurse, leader.

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