Do the things we dream about

Are you someone who does things?

Are you someone who dreams things?

Are you someone who dreams of doing things?

I’ve decided since I’ve always been a cheerleader of sorts, to take this to another level. So much of my writing is about overcoming, about learning who we are as a people, and about how we can help to support each other to a future that is better. What better way to support those that are leading the way through doing good, than to make it obvious on a t-shirt!

We need people that do things, and get things done for the good of mankind. We need people who dream up the things that we can do to make the world better. And we need to keep dreaming of the things we want to do with our lives.

Pick up your copy of The One Life Movement HERE if you would like to experience a modern day tale of global adventure and intrigue. Purchase a 100% cotton, preshrunk unisex white tee to help show the world you not only believe in those that do and dream, but you are one as well. $40CAD including all shipping, handling, taxes and merriment for a limited time, in a limited run. They are going FAST!

Let us know if you are interested in hoodies as well-they are coming down the pipe!

Like, share, love, support and encourage one another. The world needs more doers+dreamers. It does not need more hate.

A percentage of profits is donated to mental health organizations globally.

shirt 2

xo with gratitude.


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