The funny thing about challenges is that they are usually not very funny. I am speaking directly about the current challenge we are facing with our leadership doing not great things. Repeatedly.

I quite openly speak in my book about being drugged and assaulted on a few occasions. I less openly speak about how many other times I was forced into doing things I was not open to doing willingly. Largely because I put those memories in a box and hoped I would never have to open them again, but here we are. And I know I am not alone.

With the swearing in of a new Supreme Court Judge who has done some less than admirable things, and seeing the reactions of others who just like me wish we did not find ourselves experiencing what we are experiencing- It also helps to solidify some seriously major ideas.

This is all terrible, but it is all pushing us to learn, to dig deep and realize what we stand for, what we won’t tolerate, what isn’t okay and how it could be better.

Even though I am saddened to see democracy being slyly removed from our reaches, it is teaching us just how good we have had it up until now.

It is teaching us we have things to fight for. It is teaching us our voice DOES absolutely matter.

This is not just a USA thing, this is a global thing, this is a humanity thing. There are people who are hell bent on seeking revenge for any perceived threat or attack (real or not), and they are succeeding because they have a crystal clear vision on how they want to do that and what they want to accomplish.

Just imagine the force that will come when all of us that are doing good in the world realize that we have this exact power within ourselves as well.

We have the power to create great change, we have the power to direct the world in a trajectory that serves all of us, not just the very insanely wealthy, angry and soulless.

We can’t fight back in normal ways. We must push forward with resilience, passion and crystal clear vision in order to break through the barriers of hate. We can’t hate those who hate others, we can’t fear those that fear others. If we build more walls, we will only create more problems.

No human is any less value than any other.

It will take all of us to move forward with courage to fight the fist of fear.

Do everything you can to face that which scares you the most. Confront all the evil demons in your past and make peace with them. And I shall continue to do the same for myself as well. I will lift the lid on all the boxes, I will cry all the ugly tears, I will forgive those that have done me the most harm.

We are not what we were,  we are what we will become.

Let us become something better than this. Let us see this as our greatest challenge. And we shall succeed. Of that I am certain.

I stand with her, and for you, and for them. Together we will overcome. #keepgoing

Like, share, connect. Read the journey and support each other.

With tremendous gratitude. xo


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