Lets Get Practical

I have been slowly chipping away at a second book, that basically picks up from where I left off with the first The One Life Movement (which is available HERE ). All of the ideas I briefly outline here will be touched on in greater depth in the sequel, so here is a little prequel…

One of my major slogans or quotes these days is

“There is infinitely more power in the solution, than there ever was in the problem”.

This just means that instead of focusing on everything that is wrong; and don’t I know there is a LOT wrong right now, we may be better served by focusing on what is ahead of us. How we can change, how we can move forward, how we can grow from the experiences we have survived thus far. We are better suited to start focusing on the SOLUTIONS.

We have some terrible leaders at the moment, and I understand it is necessary to call a spade a spade-it is equally if not more important to start seeing past this and past them to figure out how to rebuild, how to fix it, how to come together and how to heal ourselves and our world from this apparent flaming global dumpster fire that is engulfing us at theย  moment.

The world is not so bad. We are choosing the struggles we are presented with. We are being faced with everything not nice, so that we can learn we can no longer be ambivalent. There is SO MUCH beauty and goodness and kindness and innovation going on right now, but a few are trying to make us feel like everything is so bad and the only way it will be good again is by being blindly led by others short sighted ignorance.

How do we make change?

We start discussing-and re-learning how to have respectful thoughtful discussions.

We learn new languages.

We try new foods.

We read new books.

We have new experiences.

We figure out what it is we are devastatingly afraid of failing at and we go and try and do the thing.

We stop yelling at the person beside us. Especially if that is our loved ones.

We forgive-ourselves and others.

We critically think.

We start new adventures.

We travel.

We get off the drugs.

We stop fearing everyone and everything.

We learn a new religion.

We share, and we take responsibility.

Tell me what you would like your future to look like.

We are the doers and we are the dreamers. We need both those that do and those that dream in order to survive. So dream, do, go, be, think, and love.

I have started a new clothing line, because I wholeheartedly want to do everything I can to make the world a better place. That starts with getting the message out there that we can and will do this. We, the doers and the dreamers, will push us through the chaos and on to a brighter future. Together.

Pre-order your 100% pre-shrunk tee now. Like, share, connect.


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