Common Ground

I know, you and I- we are just so different. I like pink and you like blue. You eat steak constantly, I’d rather have salad. One of us thinks guns in video games is exciting, the other, not so much. You like goats, I prefer dolphins. One could go on and on about how we are different, and the only thing we will find is more differences.

On the other hand, we both like food, we both like art, we both like watching the same kind of movies. We both like to do stuff outside and we both like to be at home as much as we like to go out. We both have faith in something and we both like to meet new people and discuss ad nauseum (waaayyyy longer than required) silly things like what kind of grilled cheese reigns supreme.

So much of what is happening right now is people are finding any reason to find differences with each other. So much of what is happening right now is that people are creating division between people that may or may not make sense. I feel like I remember a time (as in always, all the time) when I was friends with all kinds of people with all kinds of backgrounds and foregrounds. They had different hobbies and they had different careers. They had (and have) different political and religious views and that didn’t seem to matter because we still had things we had in common. I sure as heck don’t pick fights with people on purpose nor do I find conflict all that fun so I’m not exactly sure how we got to this place we find ourselves right now that is incredibly confrontational and full of rage. Why are people ranting at others because of the way they look or the car they drive or where they are from or what they like to eat?

I somehow think this is also attached (because I believe everything is connected, don’t forget) to how far removed we are from knowing who we are ourselves. We spend so much time watching portrayals of others in media and focusing on what we think we ought to be, or how we think others could perceive us that we have gotten away from who we really are. And we are so the same. We all like to eat, whether I am a carnivore or a herbivore, we still ingest food. I am not at this point arguing the merits of the need to consume less, or to find ways of better, more efficient growing and harvesting-I am focusing on the simplicity that we all like and need to eat. We have somewhat gotten away from group meals shared amongst each other, I know in my harried lifestyle I have become accustom to getting something fast from wherever I am at in order to not die of “hangriness”. But I can say that I did enjoy a meal with a family the other night and it was so much richer than inhaling a burger I ordered through a window. We sat together, shared wine and an easy one pot meal. Our kids ran around, and the dogs chased the kids. It was a beautiful thing, and despite that I did not know this family well before we broke bread together, we knew a little more about each other through sitting down and simply talking with one another. When we did this we found out we had some very obscure commonalities in our pasts which held us at a closer bond.

Let us get back to what we have in common, and begin to start focusing on that. Let us get back to the simple things like speaking kindly to each other and coming together to share a moment with each other. Let us entertain our neighbours and friends, let us realize through others what we all have to offer each other. We might just find out more about ourselves in the process.

This and more in the series of The One Life Movement books. My first book is available now for pre-order through Pegasus Publishing, the second book is being built, one word at a time, at this very moment. Because we all have more common ground than we realize.

Don’t listen to the haters, listen to the truth.

The One Life Movement


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Author, mother, nurse, leader. Become part of The One Life Movement today-Look for the book that will open minds, hearts and eyes of everyone. Autobiographical kick arse paperback available online and at major retailers world wide.

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