New Press Release!

Hot Dang am I ever excited about this new Press Release! Yaaaaaassss! (I actually did a happy dance, no joke!) New edition to be released late May! My hope is that it reverberates with (at least) one person, and that it helps others to feel okay with their failures and their ebbs and flows with life, mental wellness and imperfections. I am so grateful for the challenges I have been given by others, and by myself so that I could finally get over my own embarrassments and misgivings. I fault no one but me, and I am okay with that. We can get through this, we can learn, we can be wrong and we can make a better world-together.

Pick up your copy today, or wait for the new edition in May! Connect on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Path, Tumbler and all that jazzmatazz.


Love to you all…..


The One Life Movement is a harrowing and adventurous true life account of Kimberley Dickinson who in her early twenties breaks out of an unhealthy relationship and leaves her home in Canada to work abroad in an attempt to heal and discover her true self.


Almost immediately she is thrust forward into adventurous circumstances and timely travels through Europe, the United Kingdom and beyond, almost aimlessly, depending whimsically upon her mood and the people she meets. She makes new friends, hopelessly and sometimes desperately searching for love within herself and in strangers. The distractions and wanderlust only satiate for so long until she is ultimately left to figure out her place and her purpose on her own.

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Lover. Public figure. Author, mother, nurse, leader.

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