If there could be one word to help guide us through 2018, may it be to elevate. This is an important and worthy idea as it will help us to not only better ourselves, but our environments: both professional and personal. It will help us to reframe things to be in the positive as opposed to the negative. It will help to guide us to look for the opportunities as opposed to the challenges. We always have a choice in any given situation: we can choose to dwell on the negative, we can try and pick apart everything that isn’t working optimally and we can continue to point out the flaws in any thing/person/circumstance-OR we can choose to accept the challenge and see how it might contain a lesson that is there to push us to be better, stronger and more capable.

We are all intrinsically and infinitely enough as we are, in any moment and we are constantly evolving. How each of us chooses to evolve is up to the individual, and however each of us chooses to evolve is perfect for each individual. For those that find positivity and optimism hard, let us understand that this is more a reflection of where they are in their journey and not about others, although it may seem as though it is the other way around at times. For those of us that find positivity and optimism to come more easily, let us utilize these strengths to help elevate each other. I encourage us all to understand and reflect on how we can show empathy for others in this regard. We do not need to engage when others continually focus on what is wrong without bringing useful solutions to the table. We can listen, empathize, respect and respond with kindness.

We do not need to allow ourselves to be pulled in to things that do not give us nourishment, and we can help to elevate those that may find more comfort in disruption. We will rise above the challenges we face, we will become greater because of the tough situations we are faced with, and we will do this together. We will continue to encourage each other to rise above and embrace all of the good things that are undoubtedly coming our way, because we are all worthy to accept them. Whether you have set intentions, goals or visions for your 2018 large or small, know that everyone here to support you in whatever it is that you seek. We will continue to elevate each other and embrace the gifts we give to each other, regardless of how challenging they may seem.

We all have the power to make our lives, our careers, our relationships and our world a lighter, more joyous place to be. Once we begin to embrace the power we do have for good we will truly create and maintain a better future for ourselves, our children, our Residents, our communities and our world. The momentum is rising and will continue far into the future-of this I am absolutely sure. We will still be presented with challenges and struggles but we are learning to navigate them more effectively with every passing of them. Practicing gratitude can be beneficial in helping to better frame elevation when given a task or challenge. Understanding that even our greatest challenges serve as lessons to forward us ahead.

It helps to spend a moment or two every day reflecting on:

      1. What are some ways I can practice elevating myself to my full potential/setting or reaching a new goal (even if that goal iselevate to get through the day)?
      2. How can I support my TMs, family, friends, community to feel open and willing to view challenges as opportunities?
      3. What can I do to help elevate others?

I myself try to practice this every day. I am learning how much I have yet to learn and I am beginning to see clearer those lessons that I have been faced with in the past-and what their actual intended purpose was.

**None of this dialogue is meant to come across as though anyone sees anyone as “less than”. None of this even slightly is intended to come across that anyone finds any fault with anyone or anything. We are all doing the best we can, we are all good enough, we are all strong enough to overcome and to embrace challenge and opportunity in order to continue to have a meaningful life. Communication and asking for clarification is so key to all of this. Nothing that is ever discussed is meant with malice or ill intent, as there is never an intention on pointing out faults. If anyone ever feels like this is the case-email me so we can have some dialogue along these lines.

This is all about having faith in the power of possible, and building strength in order to overcome challenge. In the face of adversity, let us have the power to embrace more kindness, more giving and more unity. Together we are getting through all of it. And knowing where we are going to, will help make the goal easier to attain. There are gifts and lessons hidden in every situation, even those that seem too challenging to bear. Having a terrible day serves in helping us to appreciate those days that are good, and choosing to focus on the positive will make the terrible days to be held in to a different perspective.

Cheers to 2018, may it be full of learning how to elevate oneself so that we may elevate others. My blessings to all of you, with gratitude xx


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Lover. Public figure. Author, mother, nurse, leader.

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