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I don’t have a lot of time at the moment. I have a full time job I am very thankful to have, a young child which I am even more thankful to have. I have a dog, a home and people to take care of and love. I don’t have stacks of money and riches at the moment but I know that is only temporary. So what do I have to give?

I have a LOT of hair, and it has grown quite long. Partly because I haven’t had the time or money to cut it, and partly because I know the option is always there to donate it once it is long. I have done it before, and I am going to do it again very shortly. Because I can, and I have so much of it to give. I may not have scads of excess money or time or space or patience but I do have hair. Pantene Beautiful Lengths is a program that runs with the Canadian Cancer society to help construct wigs for those that are battling with cancerous illnesses and have lost their hair. This is something small I can do to help others.

The past week has been full of lice, mice, fleas, silverfish and other much tougher subjects in my life. I feel like this is a way to give something I do have that might make someone elses day a little better. I have struggled with some rather heavy non-pest related topics as of late and I can say with a thousand percent clarity that I am thankful for everything I do have, and everything I do have to give. It is funny though, I have received very different reactions when I suggested I was to cut my hair. Many have suggested I would no longer be feminine or as pretty with short hair as I am with long hair, that somehow my hair has come to define me. Part of me is OK with that, but part of me also thinks that is a little strange, like all I am is my long thick hair. Like I am just an object of desire in someone elses mind. Again, not a terrible thing but I am also much more complex than that.

But really the reason I cut my hair is to simplify my life, give to those who have greater need and exercise my ability to help others as I can, because I don’t have all the money in the world right now, but I do have hair.

Donate Here

If you don’t feel like donating, feel free to host your own small community initiative: give your hair, your time, your money and your love to those who might just need it today.

(Photo of hair to come)

With Gratitude.



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