Like Butter, Baby

I honestly had no idea what I was writing in a broad sense when I began. I remember when I was in nursing school, all my teachers commended my documentation skills and kept encouraging me to further my schooling based solely on the fact that I seemed to communicate so well. 
I enjoy writing. I enjoy figuring out how to make things relatable, and I enjoy being able for someone else to experience what I have, in their own way. I recently received some feedback that made my heart absolutely melt because it was exactly the sentiment I intended to portray. 
There is no doubt in my mind that I absolutely live and love the shit out of life. I try to pack as much as I possibly can in to it, and I don’t even know if I do it for any other reason than it just feels right for me. I am not an idle mind, nor am I an idle body. I do need so badly to learn to not take on so many things, to be kind to my body and my soul, but I just know there is so so sooooo much more to learn and experience and relay to others who have equal thirst for experience. 
I am so grateful for this feedback, and for everyone who has made the choice to read The One Life Movement. I know from the depths of my heart and soul that it will change the world of the person who reads it’s pages. For exactly the reasons that are most needed for that individual. 
Something truly amazing is about to happen. 

With gratitude. Xx iBooks 


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Lover. Public figure. Author, mother, nurse, leader.

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