New Beginnings 

Almost exactly a year ago I watched in unexplainable horror as a minivan rolled over my dog five feet in front of me. It is as though time stood still in those moments, it is as if I felt my will alone would stop the sorrowful proceeding events just by force of will in that … Continue reading New Beginnings 


If there is anything I yearn for it is that my story gets shared. I've been pondering putting free copies in little free libraries that are scattered all over my town. I want people to read this book.  I want them to read it because I know it is and will make a difference. I … Continue reading Sharing 

Like Butter, Baby

I honestly had no idea what I was writing in a broad sense when I began. I remember when I was in nursing school, all my teachers commended my documentation skills and kept encouraging me to further my schooling based solely on the fact that I seemed to communicate so well.  I enjoy writing. I … Continue reading Like Butter, Baby

Supporting each other

A fellow blogger of mine regularly participates In a simple community initiative that has impact on her community.  There are all kinds of little things we can all do to help support our neighbors, and in turn ourselves. Fleck out her post, and start looking for little hinge you can be involved in.  Other easy … Continue reading Supporting each other

Inspiring Conversation

The most amazing thing has happened in the past few weeks. I started receiving feedback from people who have been so kind as to support me in my little project and have began reading The One Life Movement for themselves.  I know how needed it has been for me to write and I know how … Continue reading Inspiring Conversation