The Real Thing

Pretty rad to have copies of THE book in my hot little hands. I'm about to swarm the local market and get the word out there as best I can. I know my baby will be enjoyed by whomever reads her because it is true, it is honest, it is adventurous and it even has … Continue reading The Real Thing



Two simple letters, one huge impact.  I found it so hard to stand up for myself and say no for most of the things in my life. I was persuaded and bullied, I fell for the wrong guys and the wrong crowds. I was afraid to challenge anyone because of how that might be perceived … Continue reading No. 


Well this is pretty exciting. I've received the paper copy of my book and am feverishly editing on this snowy, slushy Friday night. I'm also editing and updating the ebook version for those of you kind enough to be reading along.  I have to say I shed a bit of a tear when I held … Continue reading Paperback