I used to think giving was complicated, and that it took so much out of me to do. Mostly because I am a “giver” in every type of relationship and often pair myself with extreme “takers” and it ends up burning me out.

In the past few years I have really been pressing myself to give more to my community in the way of volunteer time and efforts. I have volunteered at homeless shelters and at autism community walks. I have coordinated clothing drives and volunteered for sporting events and community centres. It has been a very good experience, and I have found it to enrich my life by being able to give back.

I have a friend. Actually he is the computer whiz that whipped up the digital cover to my book. And over Christmas he took it upon himself to give back to his own community. This man has had his fair share of suffering: through separation, family illness, moving, personal illness and the likes. His list is long but he still felt compelled to do some do-goodery.

So he ordered one of those crazy long sub sandwiches from Subway and went to Costco to stock up in bottled water, fresh fruit and warm socks and headed over to the local Gospel Mission a few days before Christmas. He was welcomed with open arms to the hungry mouths and cold footed humans who found themselves there that night. He gave hope, love and attention to a group of otherwise known as cultural castaways and the seemingly forgotten. He didn’t have to do this, but he did it anyways. 

My heartfelt respect and gratitude to this man, for being decent, giving and kind. For lifting up those in his community and taking the time and effort to coordinate such an act.

These are the things we need to focus on, these are the things we need to strengthen. Human connectivity on any scale will lift us all up to a better future. One life at a time.

One person can make a difference, for better or for worse. So let’s join together and chose to make differences that make us all better. And we will all succeed.

If you have a story of do-goodery of any kind, please contact me and I will share it with the world. And we will change our future. One life at a time.

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