Travelling Alone

I spent quite a while travelling by myself. It wasn’t that I necessarily planned it that way to begin with. I’m sure at some stage I was afraid to do such a thing, being as I was a young, single, slender woman. I probably should have been more worried about the possibility that bad things might happen. But because my travel path was mostly born out of circumstance and not conscious intent I ended up by myself for the majority of my voyages.

This actually ended up suiting me just fine. I didn’t have to discuss and come to consensus on things, and I didn’t have to seek the permission or approval of a destination or a mode of transport to reach it. There was something about being completely free in the world that allowed me to guide myself, even when I should have felt the most lost.

I ended up meeting the most generous, loving and creative people. I wound up walking along the most magnificent beaches and experiencing the most soothing of sunsets and sunrises. Sure, I didn’t have an entourage of people around me but I still felt whole.

The colour on this photo is terrible as I had it developed in Athens by a semi broken machine, but it is the Perissa beach on Santorini. I suggest everyone experiences this weird beach at some point. I am wearing the tank top from Flames Bar, the venue I worked at for a few days on Ios.

And hey, travel alone! You just might like it.

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