I have been reading a lot about the concept of time lately. It has served to help me gain a different perspective on my world and my perception of it.

I took actual holiday time from work and arranged a holiday for my son and I abroad to the Pacific coast of Mexico over New Years. To be honest I sincerely cannot afford to do such a thing but I also couldn’t afford to not.  Life has been very hard in the past few years and I needed to show my son and remind myself what else there was out there. We had a very good time, we stayed at a low key resort that was better known to local nationals more than foreigners. It wasn’t perfect but it was amazing. My child got to experience me speaking in two other languages, which was met with surprise. I realized how rusty yet capable I was at communicating with others from different backgrounds and we spent most of every day swimming in one body of water or another.

New Year’s Eve was a grand gala hosted by our resort that took more than a few days of preparation and set up. They had stringed lights in the thousands canopieing a plot of grass in an outdoor space metres from the ocean break. There was a large live band, dancers and five star dining. It was completely magical, and completely unexpected.

I took a moment while sitting at our white linen covered table, adorned with decorations, beaded necklaces and masquerade props- child running around with the other children, band playing, warm air soothing my face to soak it all in. I felt such magic in that moment, and such overwhelming joy.

I made this happen. After a year wrought with struggles I was able to make this holiday and this moment happen. I will be paying it off for years to come, but that doesn’t even matter. For it allowed me and my child to experience pure joy. And joy is something that can get lost in time, everyday time. This served as such a wonderful reminder of the goodness there is yet to come.

Time. Something so illusory, something so hard to grasp, and something that so easily slips through or fingers when we aren’t paying it any mind. We must push ourselves to live in these moments, to string together our lives such that we hang on to the joy in the moment and not get caught up in the misgivings of our past and the worries of our future.

Time. For my son, and for myself to experience joy. Sometimes the monetary cost is worth the feeling.

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