One of the many times I visited the Acropolis it happened to be a national holiday and a whole troupe of traditionally dressed men were there. We came a little late apparently and missed whatever they had been doing. At the time they were also conducting major renovations work on the columns. I’d imagine this happens fairly often in an ancient city with stone buildings a few hundred years old. 

And that is the thing about rebuilding. It may seem as though it is a short spanning one-off event, but in reality it goes on forever. For anyone that has ever suffered through an agonizing experience it takes more than one day, one week or one month to repair. Sometimes it takes years. Sometimes we think we have healed when we get visited by some kind of reminder that we have not quite shaken the ghost. But it is all part of the process. And it is all moving us forward. 

Even if we don’t actively see the scaffolding lining our emotional bodies in our every day life, it is there. And for some it is trying desperately to hold on to a crumbling foundation. Until we decide to focus our efforts on the repair it can make the entire structure a little less strong. Sometimes we can’t hold on all that long and it all comes falling apart. But then we can rebuild. Stronger, more complex, more modern than the last. 

And then we can also celebrate that rebuild, by having a dozen men in kicky kilts come help us along. I’d have trouble saying no to a kilt 😉 


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