I’ve been fortunate in my short little life to have had more than one place to call home. I have even had more than one continent to serve as my home base. Many places, including my current home have served numerous purposes. A place to rest, retreat, find safety, warmth and comfort. I was fortunate to make amazing friends along my travels, especially those that opened their homes to me, even if for the briefest interlude. I have nothing but respect for the many who showed me how the locals do, invited me in with open arms and made sure I was not sleeping on the street. I have been fortunate to cook in their kitchens and sit down to warm, welcoming meals. We have shared countless discussions and very varying viewpoints. We have laughed, we have cried and we have held each other up. I miss my friends, but I know I will see them again. When I come home again, to visit all of my homes around the world. Many of them have moved and moved on, but they still keep me tied to that feeling of home. Because home is a feeling, not an address. Now I create home for myself, because I have felt what that feels like all over the world.

This photo is of me in my Bristol home, with my Bristol friends. We had made a delicious roast meal and enjoyed hours of wine and conversation. Some don’t even live in the United Kingdom any longer but whenever and wherever we do meet again, I know I will feel at home.


Published by Kimberhosen

Lover. Public figure. Author, mother, nurse, leader.

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