While I was in Morocco, I kept my hair under a scarf. I did this as a show of respect for the cultural norms that were practiced in that country at that time. I did not feel as though I had to, and I'm sure there was the off chance that it slid off occasionally. … Continue reading Respect

The One Life Movement ebook

I am so thankful to everyone who has sent words of encouragement and positivity my way in the last few years. I am proud and honored to be able to unleash my book- aka my written flesh and blood to anyone willing to read it. I have been inspired by all of the people I … Continue reading The One Life Movement ebook

Cuban Cigars

One of the many "jobs" I was able to try out in Cuba was rolling Cuban cigars. I spent a few days learning the trade: from the different types of tobacco plants, how soil and alkalinity can affect the finished product, how to roll, how to cut, how to smoke. I can't say I became … Continue reading Cuban Cigars


Meeting and making new friends is a funny thing. Not like funny, "ha ha", but every person I have met has been unique and enriching.  When I was living in Athens, Greece I quickly made friends with everyone there. Including the man standing with me in this photo. He completely took me under his wing … Continue reading Connectivity


It is funny how we build things up in our heads sometimes to be something else altogether. I completely had the impression the Eiffel Tower was bigger than most skyscrapers in North American cities. I thought it would cut in to the cloud tops and cast a shadow over all other things far and wide … Continue reading Expectations

Wising up 

I think it is a pretty important idea to come to the realization that I do not know what I don't know. When I was 20 I thought I knew everything, so when faced with new knowledge I would vehemently detract from it unapologetically. I was afraid that by acknowledging that I didn't already know … Continue reading Wising up 


The funny thing about how things appear is that it is not necessarily reflective of reality. Many people seem happy when they are not, many people look sad when they are happy. Our society tries to tell us that if we have ticked off certain boxes, then we "should be" happy or fulfilled or in … Continue reading Appearances


One of the many times I visited the Acropolis it happened to be a national holiday and a whole troupe of traditionally dressed men were there. We came a little late apparently and missed whatever they had been doing. At the time they were also conducting major renovations work on the columns. I'd imagine this … Continue reading Rebuilding 


I've been fortunate in my short little life to have had more than one place to call home. I have even had more than one continent to serve as my home base. Many places, including my current home have served numerous purposes. A place to rest, retreat, find safety, warmth and comfort. I was fortunate … Continue reading Home