Fit as a fiddle

I am absolutely not fit as a fiddle. I am not a workout junkie and I am not buff and toned. I am not entirely out of shape but I am also not incredibly in shape. I wheeze after a short while of running now, even though I used to be really good at doing a “quick 4K”. I am not exactly a savant in sports. I am clumsy and awkward and often end up with peculiar injuries. I am probably better at playing the racquet guitar than actual racquet sports, but I’m out there. And I’m playing. And I’m playing with my child. I am instilling in him (or at least trying to) the idea that things we do together are fun, and you don’t have to be a gold medallist at anything in order to do it. Trying new things doesn’t have to be full of fear and regret, it can be an exploratory science experiment in order to learn and grow.

Hopefully this will spill off in to other things to a broader, farther reaching concept that failure is not terrible. I was way too worried about being judged to try or do anything I wasn’t totally amazing at when I was younger. I even held off going to yoga because I thought everyone else in class would surely be yoga masters and I would look like a complete mess. I’ve realized though that most people aren’t ridiculously good at anything, they are just trying. And trying is all of the battle. In every way.

Keep trying. I will too. And I will also keep playing the racquet guitar, and keep looking like a hot mess at yoga. Because I can.


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