Making stock, taking stock 

I try not to wait for holidays now to take stock of all things I am grateful. I try to take 5 minutes out of every day, especially when my anxious inner voice begins to chirp in my ear-trying to distract me from my goal. It is as simple as thinking of reasons I have to be grateful. Whether it be the health of myself or my child or my small but cozy home, I try to reframe my thoughts towards that which nourishes my insides. We all have a million reasons why something might not work out, but there is also a billion reasons why something will work out. Making soup stock is much like this. It is taking all those pieces of leftovers that may not seem all that important, but when added together, the summation is sheer belly filling  deliciousness.
Roasted chicken, bone in, various roast vegetables and fresh cut, spices, salt, pepper, water, crock pot. Done.
With gratitude.


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