Good food


One thing I also have been doing lately is eating better. That does not mean I never eat out or don’t take advantage of pre-packaged pre-made dinners, but it does mean I’m making a conscious effort to do that less, and am opting for fresher, home made meals like the fresh rolls in the photo. It is easy to not think I have the time to produce fresh food at home, but most of the time it is not the case. I have invested in a few cookbooks that give lots of different ideas on vegetarian, vegan and meat eating meals. I don’t always follow them to a T, they mostly just give me a direction for where I want to go. I know healthy eating habits are important, and I do believe what we put in to our bodies is a direct reflection of what we get out of them. I am not a machine however. I don’t staunchly limit myself to any kind of numerical restrictions. I have been blessed with a rocket fast metabolism that frees me from any kind of need to calorie count. Someone thin doesn’t necessarily mean someone healthy though. I knew someone with the same physique as me that ate fast food 4 times a day and ended up on cholesterol lowering medication well before she was 35. I eat well, and I eat often. When I do eat junk, I do feel like junk. It may not be that way for everyone, but it sure holds true for me.

These fresh rolls were simple. Soak the rice paper wraps according to instruction, roll in fresh chopped veg of any variety and lay out some vermicelli (rice noodles) across the length. It is easy to also add strips of meat or tofu. I suggest leaving the sauce for dipping as the rice paper rolls fall apart if they get too wet. I dipped mine in peanut satay for a bit of a nutty kick!

Bon Apetit!


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