Nourish curiosity

I have a child and he is quite possibly at the most curious age yet. Everything is fascinating and it makes it easy and hard at the same time to keep him entertained. Somehow along the way us adults have forgotten that curiosity. We were taught to not question things somewhere along the road to adulthood.

Thanks to my child I have embraced that wonderment that was once learned away. I have become vastly more interested in sciences, nature, humanity, philosophy and sports. Because of him I am learning more than I ever thought possible about astronomy and physics and I am such a better person because of it. I have learned that I can never know everything. And this thought is equal parts relieving as it is fulfilling. I can easily say “I don’t know” and that is ok, because how could I possibly know everything? I no longer expect myself to have all the answers, but together we work at trying to figure it out.

Understanding leads to peace.


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